About Us

What does a family with tons of Christmas hamsters, many short stories to tell and zero videographer skills do during a Pandemic? Why they start a video series to learn how it all works.

At present, here is the who-is-doing-what list:

  • Dad - Set Design, Video & Sound editing, Photography, Web Design, Social Media, and Random Voices
  • Son 2 - Set Design, Voices, and eventually Video & Sound Editing.
  • Son 1 - Editor Man, will soon take over all Video & Sound Editing.
  • Mom - Costumes, Make-Up and drinks Coffee, lots of Coffee.

Join us as we build sets, edit video, design costumes, do silly voices all while having fun learning the process.

Supportive and Helpful Feedback is always welcome.

As a Reminder: We are not on any social media sites. To contact us, use email: Mark (at) this domain name (dot) com